If you heard somebody calling your city the Garbage City, you might take offense. But in this instance, I think it makes sense. 

Bare with me, here…

Helium comedy club is in downtown Buffalo, and every week, they usually have an open mic night for new comics to try out their standup routine. One of their most recent open mic nights last week saw an interesting take on the city of Rochester.

I couldn’t tell you her name, and for that I’m sorry. But she was a tall comedian with glasses and dark brown hair. She said she drove from Rochester that day. Rochester is this comedian‘s hometown, so I think that excuses what she ended up saying.

“I am from Rochester which is also known as the Garbage City,” the lady said. “Not only is it garbage but it’s also home to the garbage plate.”

I guess that makes sense, right? If Rochester is home to the garbage plate, which we all know it is, wouldn’t that make it the Garbage City?

The comedian also poked fun at Rochester and Buffalo being totally different places. Buffalo is known as the city of good neighbors, whereas Rochester is… Well, you already know.

Though a lot of people from Rochester seem to make their way to Buffalo, which had me wondering if Rochester‘s atmosphere does have a hint of the “good neighbor“ vibe.

Apparently, it does not.

After speaking with 7 people Who grew up in Rochester their whole lives, all of them said that the Buffalo atmosphere was a lot more friendly than in Rochester.

“I’m not surprised someone called it the Garbage City,“ one of them said.

“I almost feel like Buffalo is too nice for me,” another one of those surveyed said in response to whether or not they would ever move to the City of Good Neighbors.

All jokes aside, Rochester has been historically known as the "Flour City" because it was the largest flour-producing city in the U.S. back in 1838. It has also been called the “Flower City” for one of its biggest festivals, The Lilac Festival.

Even though Rochester is the home of the Garbage Plate, I would advise avoiding that official title until further notice. 

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