The Game was recently slapped with a $10 million lawsuit for sexually assaulting a woman and everyone seems to have an opinion about it including Amber Rose.

First, let's talk about the legal case. According to TMZ, Priscilla Rainey filed a suit in an Illinois federal court claiming that while she was a contestant on Game’s new show She Got Game, the rapper was “out of control” and allegedly sexually assaulted her several times. The victim even claims that Game went so far as to put his hand inside her dress and rub her "bare vagina and buttocks.”

This legal news prompted gossip website Baller Alert to post a story revealing Rainey’s criminal past including several arrests for petty theft and battery with a deadly weapon and more. The website questions the validity of Rainey’s $10 million suit since she is still allegedly promoting the show on her Instagram page.

Amber Rose chimed in on the matter on Baller Alert's Instagram page and chastised the website for victim shaming and defended Rainey’s right to file a lawsuit. "Her past has nothing to do with 'him' touching her inappropriately," she writes.

Game responded to Rose’s comments and in a few words told the blonde-haired model to chill out. The Documentary 2 creator denies that he ever sexually assaulted Rainey and claims she was the “thirstiest broad on the show.”

"She threw her twat at me for 5 weeks straight & because I didn't like her vagina strip eyebrows havin ass, she concocts a story & is sueing[sic] for 10 million dollars???" he writes.

Game then tells Rose, "This bitch ain't getting a dime & to Amber once again.....Relax...I'm taking it easy for now."

Rose has yet to respond to Game's remarks. Meanwhile, the Compton rhymer's attorney has no comment on the legal matter.

What do you think of the Game's comments toward Amber Rose? Was he out of line? Tell us in the comments below.

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