G-Willz one of DJ Bandana Black's favorite artist period has finally dropped his long over due Mix-Tape "Where Therz A Willz Therz A Way". In an industry where everybody raps,produces,etc.. its kind of hard to stand out from the rest, But G-Willz talent has made shore that this is not a problem he is concerned with. In most cases artist have to search for  DJ to host their projects. A sign that G-Willz is the truth is that he didn't have this issue, DJ's where coming to him asking to host, but it was only right that with this release non other than DJ BANDNA BLACK got the opportunity to lend hosting duties.






This is more than just a mixtape this is history in the making for our city (Buffalo, NY). I have know G-Willz for years now, we have been working on music since before I was even on radio or ever touched a turntable. He is more like family I have watched him grown into the great artist he is now. And I always use to tell him"Bruh drop the Mix-Tape the people are ready they need this". But like they say "ITS A TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING" and now looking back I see that this was true because Now is the perfect time and Buffalo is the perfect place. G-Willz name is hot out here right now and I have finally crawled through the ranks as a DJ and now everything is in line to start hstory. But im a stop talking your ears off and let the music speak for it self.


make sure you click the download link below and also comment on your thoughts about this release.

(Warning: Explicit content)