Do y’all remember when rapper G Eazy and his girlfriend #Halsey were spotted allegedly snorting cocaine on a yacht in Miami back in January? Well, the rapper has been caught and arrested by police this time!

The rapper apparently attacked some security guards in Sweden after getting caught with cocaine. @TMZ_Tv reports that he went to party in a club after his show on Wednesday night and had been acting belligerent the entire time. Security asked him to calm that down, but he reportedly started swinging on them and even struck one in the face a couple of times!

Police showed up to detain him and found some cocaine in his pocket, so he was arrested and booked on charges of “suspicion of assault, possession of narcotics and use of narcotics,” according to TMZ.

Guess who was with him? Yep, his lady Halsey was with him that night. Unfortunately, G-Eazy is still reportedly locked up.

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