Although, according to FOX News, Dunkin Donuts will be closing 'as many as 800 stores', they have arranged for Free Coffee Mondays.  Dunkin already has Free Coffee Fridays and they have now added a day.

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Starting today, according to Fox News article,  if you're a Dunkin Perks Member you can get a free medium coffee, hot or iced, absolutely FREE. One catch ... you just have to buy any food item to get the deal....and that's a very good deal if you ask me.  Free Donut Fridays allow you to get a free donut with any drink you buy.   If you're not a Dunkin' Perk Member you can sign up using the app...check below for the app.

Ironically, according to Fox News, there's another Dunkin story that doesn't seem to make sense in light of the Free Coffe Mondays and Free Donut Fridays at Dunkin' Donuts...what doeasn't seem to make sense is the fact that Dunkin is giving away frree coffee but repotrtedly, acccording to Fox News, is closing 800 of their stores, and hiring 25,000 at other stores as stores re-open.

Duunkin' Donuts now even has Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream in their stores as well, according tto Baskins-Robbins website


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