The Buffalo Bills may have fallen just short of making it to the big game after a fantastic season, but four healthcare workers, after what has been an extremely trying season and even crazier year, will get a chance to relax and enjoy some time off. According to WIVB, four local healthcare workers were surprised by a Zoom call, from Buffalo Bills co-owner, Kim Pegula.

Credit: WIVB

The ladies were informed virtually, that they will be traveling to Super Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay. It has been expressed by many people in the NFL how essential workers have been the backbone of America during this global crisis. I couldn't agree more with NFL owners inviting healthcare workers to see the Super Bowl for free.

According to WIVB, the healthcare workers that will be receiving this amazing treat are Patti Keller and Rachel Gibson from Buffalo General, and Kaitlin Floyd Cellina Ciotoli from ECMC. The ladies will head out for this incredible experience this Saturday.

Thanks, It's awesome. We feel so appreciated, we work with the best people. So thankful, so, so thankful.

said, Kaitlin Floyd according to WIVB

It's just an incredible group of people that we work with, we band together every single night we work and we take care of our patients and to be honored with another registered nurse on nights to go to the Super Bowl is just phenomenal and two more nurses from ECMC is just a great great opportunity I will never forget.

said, Pattie Keller according to WIVB

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This is a very classy move by the Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim Pegula. Congratulations ladies.

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