Food trucks in WNY have stepped up to provide free meals to healthcare workers.

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"If we can help them out and just be that family they need right now, this is what it's all about." ~ Jonathan Rowan, co-owner of the Cheesy Chick via WGRZ

Jenna Goldsmith had the idea to feed healthcare workers, who are often working shifts of 12 hours or more. Jenna previously worked in a hospital, so she knows first-hand, according to WGRZ. Jenna started a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for the meals. She was able to raise more than half of her $10,000 goal. The page has over $7,000 in donations so far. You can contribute here.

She reached out to Cheesy Chick Food Truck, which has helped provide free meals to healthcare professionals at Buffalo General, Roswell, and Millard-Fillmore Suburban hospital. Their good deeds have inspired others to join them, including Buffalo Blend and Wonder Coffeehouse.

"They are working 12-13 hour shifts in who knows what conditions with that stress and so a good meal really goes a long way." ~ Jenna Goldsmith via WGRZ

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