Road rage doesn't take a backseat to anything. Not even a horrifying weather development.

Anthony Ciarrocchi has posted this video of him driving right into a tornado earlier this week in Pompano Beach, Fla. That's trouble enough, but what made it even worse is that he had no idea the twister was there.

And that's trouble enough, too, but what made it even worse is he starts cursing at the other drivers as he weaves his way around the traffic. Yes, the above video is a NSFW terror ride that no one should have to endure.

It's pretty amazing he didn't realize the tornado was in the offing, considering it's right OUTSIDE HIS WINDSHIELD!!!

Still, Ciarocchi says he never knew the twister was there. "My Camera is on high exposure to pull all available light," he wrote. "My eyes do not have such a setting so I could not see it." Umm, okay.

You can see a condensed, bleeped version of his ride below and let's all pray he doesn't get into the Uber game.

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