The bad news is that you might have to wait to get a foot long from one of your favorite places.  The good news is that we don't have a shortage of places to get them.

It's one of summer's greatest pleasures, and unfortunately, this year you might have to wait to get it if you plan to get it from Ted's.

People love their hot dogs in Western New York.  Not everyone likes the same kind, for sure, but we love them.  Whether they're Sahlen's, Wardynski's, or Zweigel's, that first bite from a hot dog bought at a stand in the summer is a special thing.  Like your first milkshake, it's like a welcome back to summer.

Unfortunately, if you're a footlong person, you might have to wait to get your first bite of one from Ted's.  They recently pulled the footlong from their menu.  Hopefully it will be a temporary thing though.  According to WGRZ, they have been relying on a substitute roll for their footlong hot dogs because of shortages but weren't happy with it.  So they're looking for a new one to replace it.  Until they're happy with the product they choose, they've decided to take them off the menu altogether.

The good news is that you can still get other great hot dogs at Teds, and there are ton of other places to choose from too.  We put together a list of some of the best places for not just foot longs, but some specialty dogs too.  Check it out right here:

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