Sources report that boxing's most profitable match in history may get a rematch in a year or so.

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had most of the world tuning into their big fight this past weekend, bringing in nearly $300 Million collectively. Although the actionless fight didn't please fans, most of the world would love to them go at it again.

Sources report that Floyd is interested in fighting Pac Man again in a year after his soldier to repair a torn rotator cuff. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith claims that he received a text message from Floyd saying that, he'll "fight [Pacquiao] in a year after his surgery." 

Pacman fought the fight with a torn rotator cuff and the repairing surgery will take nearly 9 months to heal.  After that time and training included, the two will be ready for the fight in a year [allegedly].

Mayweather is currently 48-0 and pushing to break (or at least tie) Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0, scheduling another fight in September.

The only thing that could prevent this from taking plac eis the possibility that Manny Pacquiao could face a fine or suspension from the Nevada Boxing Association because of his failure to be honest about the injury he sustained to his shoulder.