Floyd Light Middle School has strict "UNIFORM RULES" that were put to the test recently when Reilly Zinda came out of the Locker Room on GAME-DAY wearing a pair of PINK SOCKS!  The pink socks were not a part of the teams GAME-DAY Uniform and Reilly had no permission to wear the socks.  The School Policy is such that PINK SOCKS CAN BE WORN DURING PRACTICE BUT NOT DURING GAMES.

So why was he wearing the pink socks?  Reilly's Mom had recently had Breast Cancer and fought it and is a Breast Cancer Survivor...she's been Cancer Free now "for just a few weeks"  according to KATU.COM.  The Floyd Light Middle School stopped Reilly short of entering the field for the game and told him he COULD NOT PLAY if he wore the pink socks because it was not uniform with the other players' socks.  Reilly ultimately changed his socks and was allowed to play.

What do you think... should Reilly have been allowed to play with the Pink Socks DURING THE GAME or was the Coach justified in upholding the school's Uniform Policy such that PINK SOCKS CAN BE WORN DURING PRACTICE, BUT NOT ON GAME-DAY?