Fetty Wap addresses his critics and speaks to his hood in a new track, titled "My Environment."

On the song, the "Trap Queen" rapper reflects back to his roots growing up in his hometown of Patterson, N.J. He spits lines about be raised in hood, the struggle, taking care of his children and always having a dream. “I’mma rep my hood. Real n---gas, they know what I mean," he raps.

“Everyday the only mission, gotta stack the green / A couple million for my children, gotta get the cream / I turned a thousand to a million, started with a dream, hey,” he adds.

The 1738 spitter even addressed the haters who want to see him fail. 

“Most these n----s say I sing too much and I don’t really show off my bling too much / And I don’t really show off my cars too much and / I don’t really be with the stars that much / And I don’t like to kick it with such and such. / These n----s like bitches, they talk too much.”

Fetty Wap also released tracks that we’ve never heard before, then deleted them. The first song was a collaboration with Snoop Dogg titled “West Side” and what may have been a rap ballad titled “Queen of the Zoo” allegedly in the same vein as his signature hit “Trap Queen."

For now, listen to Fetty Wap express himself on the introspective track "My Environment" and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Listen to Fetty Wap's Song "My Environment"

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