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PrevYou, a.k.a. Paseon Jones, represents new music, a new vision and versatility by a mixture of should, hip-hop, and street elements for a good list. The concept of PrevYou is in it's wordplay on the word "preview." When you go to the movies, you're excited to see the previews so you know what is coming out and when. The name PrevYou represents that fee; that versatility and variety of music before the show.

PrevYou gained his inspiration from growing up in the Lower West Side of Buffalo. Jones was forced to develop his street mentality. Despite that, he knew that there was more world out there beyond the ghetto. While minting his street image, he began to perfect his talents of singing, rapping and learning to play instruments. With a little motivation from an A&R, he decided to leave the rugged streets of Buffalo and pursue his career with full force in Southern California. Since being in San Diego, PrevYou has been in Artist Searches, created all social networks needed to generate a buzz, developed a new and improved website that no only promotes music but sells merchandise or PrevYou apparel. o top it off, he has also put out a single "Already Stars" on all major digital distribution companies. He has also made important connects with DJs, signed artists and other professionals associated with the music industry. PrevYou is musically gifted with outstanding raw talent, possessing the "it" factor needed to make it in this business.

Paseon Jones is also a member of St. John's lodge number 16 under the most worshiped prince hall grand lodge of the state of New York. "I feel honored to be apart of the most ancient fraternity. Founded in 1784, it's all about making good men better and connecting them to a vast network of brothers around the world. With the common goal of being better husband, father, brother for our family and community. We contribute in many ways to our community utilizing our values and morals as tools to guide us in our decisions."

Check out his new single here!

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