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I always say, emerging as a successful artist in the 716 is no easy task but there's a few that's making it happen and Spoony Green is one of them. He not only considers himself a rapper but a musician as well and it shows in his work through his versatility. I caught up with Spoony Green to discuss his latest album drop, “Project Preeminence” and the other projects that he has in the works.

REDDROXX: Thank you for sitting down with me! Let’s get right into it, when did you realize you had a passion for music?

Very early actually, I always felt I was naturally gifted when it came to music. I took it serious in my early teen years.

RR: Amazing and fortunate to have found your calling so early on. In what ways do you feel being born and raised in Buffalo New York has impacted your music?

SG: Truth of the matter is Buffalo is so behind in all aspects compared to other big metropolitan cities, that alone is one reason to go harder. Another thing is knowing where I could end up and realizing I deserve more and so does my family, I wasn’t given a lot of opportunities not that I need them but I really have to work and make most of this happen alone. Not having proper support or or resources can really make you question yourself but I don’t make excuses I choose to keep working my ass off.

RR: Way to turn a negative outlook into a positive one. I know firsthand how hard it is to make it out of Buffalo. In comparison to others,
you’re more than just a rapper but you also consider yourself a musician, please explain why

SG: Anyone can listen to a beat and write lyrics but I actually know the different instruments used to make these beats therefore I take a different approach when making music. I personally sit with my producer and add input on all my projects. I myself can play multiple instruments which makes me more musically inclined.

RR: That’s dope! Having realized your passion for music at such young age and being multi-faceted, how were you able to decide what path to take with it?

SG: I didn’t & I still don’t. I genuinely love music. When I started I just played the drums, then I learned the keys I never imagined myself being a rapper it just fell into place. I don’t really want to take a path. I love that one day I can play the drums and the next I’m playing the bass then the next I’m in the studio recording a new song.

RR: So it seems you enjoy just kind of going with the flow and creating what feels good to you at the moment which is admirable. 

You’ve collaborated with other artists from Buffalo as well, who are they and how did the collar come about?

SG: My circle of friends & associates are all into music so it was all pretty natural. We all feed off one another and enjoy making music.

RR: That’s fortunate to have like-minded people surrounding you! 

What obstacles have you faced in your music career so far and how did you overcome them?

SG: Just being the underdog, I’m not into social media which is the norm now to be “noticed”. I’m confident in my catalog, it’s just about the people listening. My main focus is just being more present on social media and networking.

RR: Social media is definitely a focal point in almost everything these days so that’s a great obstacle to overcome. What advice would you give to other upcoming artists?

SG: Believe in yourself but before that genuinely LOVE what you do. Make sure that the passion is there. You can always tell the difference between someone who does something because it’s beneficial and someone who does something because they love it. Trust the process there’s no time limit.

RR: I wholeheartedly agree. Now you’re a new dad, congrats! How do you feel fatherhood changed your mindset when it comes to music, if at all?

SG: It didn’t change, I just simply had to re-prioritize. My lyrics and content had to be tweaked just because you never know who’s listening and being influenced by what’s being said.

RR: Makes sense. Being an active father is a job in itself, how do you balance your personal life with your artist persona?

SG: Dating someone who’s popular and well known on social media makes things easier. She understands there will be women around and she’s not only confident in herself but she knows I’m not looking elsewhere for validation. We respect one another and know there are limits and they won’t be pushed and lines won’t be crossed.

RR: Definitely major keys! Having an understanding partner in this industry is definitely a plus. Congrats on finding that and make sure you keep her too lol 

Back to the music, what projects have you dropped?

SG: 2 Story was my first project I dropped back in 2018.

RR: Ok dope, w
hat are you currently working on?

SG: I have a few videos in the works but my main focus is my new album “Project Preeminence” on top of my new clothing line “MMQF”

RR: Congrats on the new project! Definitely looking forward to hearing it. For those of us in anticipation of its drop, w
hat can we expect from your new project?

SG: I wish I could tell you but there’s so much packed in one album! Raw emotion, many different genres & a variety of sounds and vibes. My main point with this was making a major comeback and showing I can be versatile.

RR: Versatility is always a plus! Well I know it will be amazing. In the meantime, h
ow and where can we support your movement?

SG: Just follow me on social media and check my music out on all platforms under Spoony 2 Necklace. If you like my material all I ask is share and like. I want nothing but genuine & organic support.

www.Spoonygreen.com for everything!

You can also steam Spoony Green via Youtube and Apple Music

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