This is horrible news if its true! Reports are saying that an extended family member is going around shopping a picture of Bobbi Kristina on her death bed. Sources say this person has been going around to various media outlets and trying to sell the photo for a huge profit.

TMZ allegedly passed on buying the photo, which shows a close family member looking over Bobbi Kristina as she lay in her Hospice bed. She was moved to Hospice over a week ago, after doctors said there is nothing more they can do for her.

The family is reportedly weening the 22 year old off all medication, so she can die in peace. They are not sure as of yet who took the picture and is trying to sell it, but whoever, this person may be is an extreme dirt bag.

Nick Gordon, Kristina's boyfriend, is facing charges on alleged abuse against her. He has assembled a high profile legal team to defend him against these charges, what happened that day Bobbi was found unresponsive in the bathtub, and accusations that he's been stealing money from her.

There is so much information coming from the Brown/Houston camp that its hard to tell whats true or not. So of course we'll keep you posted. Prayers going up for Bobbi Kristina and her family!

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