Fox has pulled an episode of 'Family Guy' after an Internet blogger suggested it predicted the Boston Marathon bombings. Decide for yourself inside. 

Someone edited two clips from the--->> "Turban Cowboy" episode <<--- to make it look like Peter Griffin set off a couple of bombs near the finish line in order to win the Boston Marathon.

This is NOT true: the Marathon and the bombing scenes were completely separate, although featured in the same episode.

Here is the actual Marathon clip.

'Family Guy' creator took to Twitter to deny any wrongdoing on his part.


Oh, OK?! So Seth writing this episode about Peter murdering and dismembering runners in the Boston Marathon isn't "abhorrent"? Let's hear from the guy who first brought this episode to our attention:

I think the fact that this episode has been pulled from YouTube, and TiVo, and that media sources are now calling the episode an "internet hoax," fuels the idea that this episode really was predicting, or rather taunting the audience about the Illuminati's evil plan to kill innocent people at America's largest race to keep the general public in FEAR (False evidence appearing real).

What do you think?

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