It’s that time of year again where the weather will change for the worse. Wind, rain, and chilly temps are all we can expect for the next three months.  The memories of summer begin to fade away. All the loose nights and party filled weekends of summers past have come to an end.

Granted, when you actually take time out to observe nature, you realize its beauty. It amazes me how every year the metamorphosis occurs like clockwork. The leaves change color, and one by one they fall to the ground. Slowly but surely the temperature falls and most animal life starts their retreat to hibernation. Often times, the Fall, depresses the heck out of people.

For women however, we get excited! Time for leather jackets, cute boots and pretty scarves.  It’s time to break out those comfortable UGG boots we couldn’t wait to wear because it was still too warm.

Men it’s time to grow out those beards, and invest in a winter hat to keep the head and cheeks warm. It’s time to put on your leather or pea coat and show your significant other you have a little style this year.

Speaking of significant others, many singles use this time of year to find one. It is known to many as “Cuffing Season”. A person, who participates in Cuffing Season, makes it a priority to find a significant other to spend the cold months and holiday season with.

The process isn't easy and for some it’s actually quite expensive. You have to date a few to narrow down who you feel will make the best partner. On top of having to replenish your wardrobe for the upcoming season, it can be overwhelming.

My advice is to be smart and economically sound while shopping for a BOO and a wardrobe this season. Good old fashioned, talking on the phone can get you far these days since no one does it anymore. Get to know that person before you spend money on expensive dinner dates. Keep an eye out for the sales at the department stores too, their always having them.

Follow these rules, and you’ll do just find this year.