Yasmin Young talks with Steve Groff, a farmer, a cover crop expert, and the author of
the upcoming book The Future-Proof Farm, about coronavirus food shortages.

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As you have probably notice, meat and other items like rice, frozen and canned veggies, have limits at the grocery store.  Shoppers can only buy a certain quantity of key items, leading lots of folks to worry about the food supply's ability to withstand the pandemic.

I had the chance to speak with Steve Groff, who is  the founder of Cover Crop Coaching. Through his company, he educates farmers and is the author of the upcoming book The Future-Proof Farm. You can get more details on Steve at SteveGroff.com.


“We've been used to a ‘just in time’ food system and now that's been disrupted in a major way. And you can't just store a tomato on the shelf for a few weeks until things get sorted out. Some countries just don't have what it takes to keep things afloat during challenging times.” ~ Steve Groff via a press kit

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