Evelyn Lozada, the loud-mouthed "Reality Star" on Basketball Wives who is married to a Football Star, debuted on Prime time Television yesterday. ABC sat down with her after the infamous "Headbutt" incident that ruined her husband, Chad Johnson's personal and professional life.

Find out what she said about her image, marriage and why she filed for divorce  just 41 days after her wedding day. 

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The drama unfolded on Aug. 11, when Lozada was unloading groceries from Chad's car when she found a bag in the backseat with receipt for a box of condoms inside. The receipt was dated July 20, she said, three weeks after they were married.

Chad says he bought the condoms for a friend.

I applaud anyone who leaves an abusive relationship after the first incident. But I am not convinced that Evelyn wasn't the abusive one in this relationship. After watching her lose her temper and go after her cast mates on National TV, there's no telling what she does in private.

What do you think?

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