The video you're about to see seems harmless on the surface.... it's just someone's opinion...right? I beg to differ.

After watching the video below you'll be able to establish your own opinion, however mine is as follows:

I believe HERITAGE IS IMPORTANT!!!!  I believe it's of EXTREME importance that every Human Being have some sense or knowledge of their Cultural Heritage.  Not only is it important for the purposes of having some sense of IDENTITY tying them to something significant.... it's also important because Cultural Differences eventually play themselves out in the Public Arena where a vast myriad of Cultures interact.  If you're Euopean, Hispanic, Chinese, Italian, etc and I'm 'BLACK', you may NEED to understand that there may be TRADITIONS relative to my Culture which are virtually non-existent within your Culture.  With that said, the Sherrif in the following video suggesting that Blacks are NOT from Africa, (therefore are simply BLACK & AMERICAN) is noting short of COMPLETE & UTTER IGNORANCE.

In my opinion, the PROOF of the Sheriff's ignorance is exposed by the fact that, after offering his opinion regarding BLACKS not being African ... (but simply 'AMERICAN' his opinion... American Blacks ARE NOT FROM AFRICA), this Sheriff continues his 'spiel' clearly identifying differences by referring to BLACKS as "Blacks" and WHITES as 'Whites ...BUT WAIT SIR... I THOUGHT YOU JUST SAID 'WE'RE ALL AMERICAN'... then WHY are you choosing to identify BLACK & WHITE regarding ANYTHING YOU SAY??????  What an IGNORANT CONTRADICTION (in my opinion)!

WATCH: (and offer your opinion)

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