Ok, so what the heck is 'Conversion Therapy'?  This is the first I'm, hearing of this and the first I'm learning about the measures some will go through to carry out this strange tactic designed to change a person's mind or desires, regarding their CHOSEN sexual orientation.  Simply put, it's a psychological approach to convince  a person to change their sexual orientation from gay or b-sexual to heterosexual.  Conversion Therapy uses psychological techniques to strongly convince a person that they are not truly gay...to the extent in some places, like South Africa (where it's common practice) that rape is used to 'CORRECT' the person...It's called 'Correcrtive Rape' (watch the videos below).

This practice has now been banned in Erie County, according to News Reports:

Conversion Therapy has long been thought to be potentially damaging in that the affect can range from confusion to death, as was the case in a Conversion Therapy technique involving what's coined as 'Corrective Rape', where a person of gay or bi-sexual orientation is forced to have sex with someone of then opposite sex with hopes that they will lose their gay tendencies and realize they are heterosexual.  The most notorious case of 'Conversion Therapy Corrective Rape' was the case involving Eudy Simelane, who played football for South Africa's Women's National Football Team, according to Wikipedia.

The Erie County Ban is primarily geared towards protecting young people who are more easily influenced than an adult.  Anyone caught practicing 'Conversion Therapy' could be fined or jailed, according to News Reports.


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