An open container in public can get you in trouble if you're seen by a Police Officer, but since Phase 2 only allows restaurant patrons to eat outside, the open container laws have been adjusted to coincide with Outdoor Dining such that you can have an open container if your dining outside...until further notice. There's a local lawmaker who has an issue with the temporary open container provision.

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Erie County lawmaker Joseph Lorigo doesn't want the temporary open container laws to be temporary...he wants them to become permanent. Joe Lorigo wants the temporary open container laws to be permanent, according to a WGRZ News report.

"I think something like this would allow people to continue practicing safe social distancing, but also get back into the community and help local businesses thrive,"

According to WGRZ, there's also a county resolution for restaurants to have six months to expand outdoor seating on privately owned restaurant property, which would help them circumvent current zoning laws.


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