There's a good chance that Eric B. & Rakim are finally back together after 24 years of being apart and working on separate endeavors.

A couple of weeks ago, the veteran DJ and producer posted a photo of himself and the "Microphone Fiend" and spoke of a new management team they're involved with called Paid in Full.

"Eric B, Rakim, Jose Hassan, Paid in Full management meeting," wrote Eric. "Great meeting. Rich was there. He took the picture."

Unfortunately, neither artist officially announced that they're reunited, but the photo definitely had people excited.

"Can we get one of the most epic duos in hip-hop history to tour one more time like the #DopeJam tour in '88," wrote one person on Instagram. "If Eric and Parish can do it so can you too," wrote another, referencing EPMD; who also split acrimoniously in 1992--although they would reunite five years later.

The last album released by Eric B. and Rakim was 1992's well-received Don't Sweat the Technique. After their four-album run together, Rakim resurfaced as a solo artist with 1997s The 18th Letter.

Eric B. and Rakim split over financial problems between themselves and their former label MCA, which Rakim talked about in 2013. At that time, he said there was no hate for his longtime DJ, but they hardly ever converse.

"[Eric B.] is not my enemy, but we don't really speak," said Ra while speaking to XXL. "I don't wish him no bad luck, but I don't call him ... I guess Eric B., with what we went through ... I'm a loyal dude and you know doing certain things, especially when you are breaking bad with people, you gotta keep it 100 with that person."

Based on the Instagram photo, it's obvious the two legends are speaking again, but whether the truce will translate into new music or a future tour remains to be seen.

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