In a highly contentious election year filled with a massive amount of controversy, the last thing anyone wants to do is make a mistake like uncounted election ballots.

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Robert Brady is the Chief of Elections Clerk in Georgia's Floyd County, the state of Georgia is a key state in the election and the state where the recount took place by hand. Robert Brady was fired after thousands of uncounted ballots were found. Brady was initially asked to step down before Floyd county officials met to discuss firing him.

According to,  Mr. Brady has been cited for violations in the past over the last 6 months, which was grounds for termination. The state of Georgia uncovered over 2600 uncounted ballots before the original certification forcing election workers to rescan more than 8000 ballots.

Republicans and Democrats thought that firing Robert Brady was the right thing to do, although neither side believe that this was done intentionally or that an error was made purposefully.

The review still did not change the results of the election, it was announced that President-elect Joe Biden would be certified and that he had won the state by 12,000 votes. In my opinion, I think many Americans are ready to put this year behind them, and ending this election controversy would help.

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