There's an old saying in Western New York. "There's winter then there's construction season."

Summer has come to an end, other than the 70-degree temperatures we will be experiencing today and tomorrow, which means construction season is winding down.

Over recent years, I've noticed more construction taking place during the fall and winter than every before, however. That includes the work near our office in downtown Buffalo, on Washington Street and Lafayette Square.

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Living in South Buffalo, I drive up Abbott Road on a regular basis. My neighborhood is just off of Abbott, near Imperial Pizza; so I usually drive up Abbott to Ridge, in order to get on the on-ramp to the I-219 and I-90.

On Saturday, I was driving up Abbott Road towards the Ridge road intersection, when my car all of a sudden bounced pretty violently.

It was due to something I did not recognize -- work done to Abbott Road by Abbott Pizza.

There are currently two rectangular pieces of new blacktop, which sink down. There has been work done there by crews for an unspecified reason and these two rectangular pieces of blacktop cause drivers to get flat out spooked; especially if the drive a smaller vehicle like I do. It's even worse when you're going the speed limit (30 mph).

It's in South Buffalo, very close to the Lackawanna border.

On Sunday, I witnessed multiple drivers literally swerving into the oncoming lane, just to make sure they avoided this hazard. There's no warning sign either, as vehicle drive towards Ridge on Abbott.

Has anyone else driven over this in recent days in South Buffalo?

Hopefully, this won't remain this way and will be rectified over the coming days.

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