Some people might have been recovering from New Year’s Eve hangovers the following day, but not Drake! The rapper trekked out to Vegas on Jan. 1 after hitting up Carson Daly’s New Year’s Eve bash in New York City to perform for his fans at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. While performing, Drizzy played one of his favorite ‘Take Care’ tracks, ‘Look What You’ve Done,’ for the first time ever.

For those of you who haven’t heard ‘Look What You’ve Done’ yet, the recorded version starts off as a slower track with loungy piano keys and drunken-sounding background vocals. Soon enough it picks up with some bass, drums and laser-like synth. When Drake began to croon the opening verses of ‘Look What You’ve Done,’ fans throughout the venue began to sing along with the hip-hop honcho. At the close of the song, Drake gave props to the guy who produced ‘Look What You’ve Done’: “Shout out to Chase N. Cash, my homeboy that produced that record. You know that’s one of my favorite songs.”

Drizzy definitely had a great time in Vegas. Not only did he perform a slew of his other ‘Take Care’ tracks, but he also partook in some onstage graffiti, spray-painting the acronym ‘OVOXO’ for his fans to see. The acronym is a combination of Drake’s ‘October’s Very Own’ motto (it’s the name of his website as well as his birth month) and R&B singer (and Drake collaborator) the Weeknd’s symbolic letters of XO. After the Vegas show, Drake tweeted, “Vegas turrrrnt up. OVOXO all I know.”

Watch Drake Perform ‘Look What You’ve Done’ Live