YouTuber iShowSpeed finally got his long-awaited interview with Drake, but the talk ended prematurely after ISS complimented the rap megastar on his "sexy" voice.

On Wednesday (Feb. 15), popular YouTube content creator iShowSpeed posted a video of his FaceTime call with Drake on his YouTune channel, which has over 4 million subscribers. The recorded call begins with Speedy being ecstatic after finally getting on the line with Drizzy.

"You look great right now, what's up? You look good, bro," the YouTuber tells Drake, who laughs off the comment.

"I'm proud of you, boy," Drake compliments Speedy, who nearly flips out over the praise.

"This is crazy," Speedy responds. "You gotta understand, for me, this is crazy. I'm a huge fan of you, bro."

The YouTuber then asks Drake who his favorite soccer player is between Lionel Messi and Chistiano Ronaldo, and the two shortly bond over a mutual love for soccer.

"I got a lot of love for you, man," Drake adds. "Like I said, I'm proud of you. You doing your thing."

"Bro, your voice is so sexy," Speedy excitedly says, which draws a chuckle from Drake. "Why is it so smooth like that? Why your voice so smooth like that? How you..."

Before Speedy can end his sentence, Drake has ended the call to the dismay of the overjoyed livestream personality. After realizing his mistake, Speedy flips out, punching his chair.

"He not gon' answer the phone again, bro," Speedy fumes. "I didn't mean...I said it wrong. I meant to say his voice is smooth, but...I said it wrong. On God, I said it wrong."

Last week, Drake ran into Instagram influencer Chris Smoove and participated in his drip check segment. The encounter went smoother than the Speedy call.

Check Out iShowSpeed Catching the End Button From Drake After Complimenting the Rapper on His Voice Below

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