C'mon. You didn't really expect Drake to bust a move in his OVO owl gear and not have Twitter implode in on itself in a series of memes, jokes, dubbed clips and GIFs, did you? It's 2015, people. This is what we do.

Last night, Champagne Papi debuted the multi-hued, Director X-directed visual for his rapidly rising hit, "Hotline Bling," on Apple Music. And not only does it feature plenty of hotline bling ladies in high-waisted jeans ready to answer your late night call, but a whole host of arm-swinging, hip-grinding moves from the If You're Reading This, It's Too Late 6 God himself.

Naturally, the Internet went wild.

While some likened the clip to Apple's early '00s silhouette iPod commercials, others saw a familiar SpongeBob SquarePants episode and the opening of The Cosby Show — but most couldn't help but notice that Drake and company were totally doing the merengue. ¡Suavemente!

Below are just some of the many "Hotline Bling" memes currently running rampant. What a time to be alive, indeed.


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