It is something you may have done in the past, but officials in Niagara County are warning you not to do it, or you may get a fine and a ticket.

Public Works Commissioner Garret Meal was reminding folks that you cannot shovel or snowblow the snow out into the street:

The past snowstorm continued a troubling trend of snow being cleared from homes into roadways.


This is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law 1219 and could result in a ticket and fine.  More importantly, it creates hazardous conditions for drivers", according to WIVB.

It is a tough situation for some, though. I get it--I do it all the time and realized that I have to stop. There are two problems you may have. First, if the plow goes by your house and pushes all the snow in your driveway, it is easier to just throw it back into the street where it came from.

Second, if we get a few feet of snow, and on either side of your driveway, it is piled high, where else are you supposed to put it? You have to push it out into the street. I know why you do it, though. You do not have any room to throw it anywhere else, it will melt faster, especially if cars are driving on the snow you just shoveled in the street over and over again.

But, at least for Niagara County, be careful. You could get a ticket.

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