I'm a rescue dog owner myself, so seeing stuff like this is so sad. This story absolutely breaks my heart. I feel so bad for this young dog who has entered his life knowing nothing but animal shelters and knowing nothing but that.

A dog named Rusty, who is just 2 years old, has spent over half his life in an animal shelter (419 days to be exact). He was born in Texas but after a short stint in Idaho at a rescue shelter, he returned to Waco, Texas, per WKBW.

Rusty had been at the shelters for so long he became frustrated but the volunteers worked with him to make him appealing for a new family.

Rusty was in fact recently adopted and thought he had finally found his forever home...but as it turns out, he didn't. After being adopted, he was returned after just ONE day with his new family...

The animal shelter said the new owners claimed "he was too much work."

After the adopting family was reached for comment, they revealed Rusty had bit them and they returned him to protect their family.

Now, Rusty is once again waiting to see if anyone would take a chance on him.

It's easy to find reasons to not give dogs like this a chance, and not every family should given certain circumstances, but I hope the right family takes a chance on Rusty. It has to be so tough for any living creature to spend most of the first two years of their life in an animal shelter.

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