Growing up in Buffalo back in the early 80s, even into the 90s, there were neighborhoods that were popular for different reasons. There was a time back in the 80s when street gangs were very popular. Most gangs back in the day were made of people from the different hoods that they lived in. The crazy thing is, in some cases, you were automatically put in a gang because you grew up in that hood, in other cases, you had to actually become a member through a process. Another reason why these neighborhoods were so popular, they were known for having the most people in them in some cases. These places were not only popular because of street gangs, but some of them were known for other things as well, some good and some bad. A few of the neighborhoods were known for hosting big house parties and having nice corner bars, which is still a big deal in Buffalo to this day.

Do You Remember These 5 Notorious Buffalo Neighborhoods?

These Buffalo neighborhoods were notorious for many different reasons, back in the day, most of the reasons were bad. Although there were some fun times, and great parties, when you mention these hoods, most people will give you a gang story before they will give you a fun story. One common thing about all of these hoods, everyone knows someone that either fought somebody in one of these places or maybe even something worst.

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