Buffalo has some very nice and unique buildings, I often wondered, how old some of the structures are, and why they were designed the way that they are. Many of the buildings in Buffalo have a historic past, and there some stories behind the buildings. Buffalo is rich with some amazing architecture in my opinion, which is what makes seeing and learning about some of the structures so interesting. In grade school, I was always interested in history, it wasn't actually until I got older before I learned about all the historic buildings here in Buffalo.

Common buildings that many of us see all the time like City Hall, The Electric Tower, and Kleinhans Music Hall just to name a few, are all buildings that really amazed me when I was growing up. In this gallery, there are some buildings that are still a wonder to me.

These Are Old Buildings That Are Still Standing Today

When I was in grade school, I often wondered about some of the amazing buildings that are here in Buffalo. The buildings and their purpose. History was one of my favorites subjects, so learning what great historic buildings were here in Buffalo really helped me with a few of my favorite structures in the city.

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