I Watched the Super bowl yesterday and paid close attention to all of the commercials. Now I am looking at at a recap of the commercials, and see 4 commercials for Ciroc. I did not see any Ciroc commercials last night and I know I am not crazy. When did these commercials play ? Super Bowl commercials cost a lot of money, and its amazing to see how much money Diddy and the Ciroc owners are making. The commercials featured Diddy doing amazing things while under the influence of Ciroc. Let me be the person to tell you while drinking Ciroc your not going to be able to salsa dance better, curl, jump over bulls or any of the other stuff. Drinking Ciroc will get you DRUNK, you wont be any better at anything. You'll just be doing what ever it is your doing under the influence of alcohol. Your only DRUNK, don't let these commercials have you embarrass your self in public or kill someone in a car accident. Ciroc will not give you super powers.

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