19 Year-Old Nikolas Cruz was able to buy a gun...and not only one gun but according to a CNN News Report, 10 Firearms.  One of those forearms was a shotgun purchased in November of 2017, according to an ABC News interview with Ed Stack, Chairman and CEO of the Nation's Largest Sporting Goods Retailer.

Ed Stack knows all too well about that shotgun purchase 19 Year-Old Nikolas Cruz made last year because it was sold to him at none other than Dick's Sporting Goods. The shotgun was not one of the gun used in Mass Shooting in Florida, but the overall concern for Ed Stack is that a 19 year-old was able to walk into one of his stores and purchase any gun for that matter, according to what he shared in several interviews with several media outlets after the Florida Shooting.

Today, a shocking but celebratory announcement (for many) was made that Dick's Sporting Goods has BANNED THE SALES OF ANY ASSAULT RIFLES...PERIOD, never to be reversed, according to Ed Stack, it's CEO and Chairman.  Dick's has also taken other measures regarding guns, as discussed in the video below.


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