If you are interested in voting in the upcoming June 22nd New York State primary, you have a few more days to make sure that eligible to vote in that election.

According to WIVB, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an Executive Order New York that extended the deadline for updating your politiical affiliation.

For people who are already registered to vote, the deadline to change or update your political party was originally set for Sunday, February, 14th. This Executive Order gives New Yorkers two additional days to be able to make that change.

The right to vote is one of the sacred pillars of our democracy, and as we continue to fight the war on COVID, we can’t put democracy on hold... Today we are extending the period for voters to change their party enrollment until Tuesday, February 16 to help break down more barriers to the ballot box and help ensure everyone has a chance to exercise this fundamental right.
-Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

The new deadline of Tuesday, February 16th gives a few extra days for people to make the changes to ensure they are able to participate in the New York primary elections that are currently scheduled for June 22nd.

The process to update your political affiliation isn't too difficult to do. You just need to file an updated voter registration form with the Board of Elections. Or, if you have a New York State ID, you can update your registration online at the New York State DMV Website.

These changes only have an impact on people who are currently registered to vote. If you're not yet registered to vote, you still have until May 28th to complete your registration?

For more information about the primary, you can visit the Erie County Board of Elections here, the Niagara County Board of Elections here, or the New York State Board of Elections here.

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