At A time in Hip-Hop when most artist are so concerned with rapping about popping bottles and Foreign women (Most of which are not foreign but simply light skinned lol) it takes a true artist to be able to put what they are truly thinking into an art form that will reach and be felt by the masses. And this edition of Cypher Saturdayz is exactly that, now before watching this Cypher I know some of you wont agree with the message , just like a lot of people don't agree with the wrongful death of people by police. But if you take the time to actually put yourself in the shoes of some of the very people who are affected by this im sure you can at least respect the opinion. I have been trying to catch every edition of these cypher Saturdays because it brings that real Hip-Hop feel back for me, so as much as I can catch these I will post them for you all to watch. S/O @HugoHurt




(parental advisor explicit content)

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