Ooops.  I would be willing to bet CSL Plasma, at 1845 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207, did not expect Marchant Jolles to go straight to News 4 WIVB with his CSL Plasma Rejection Story ... but that exactly what the young man did.

Jolles was turned away after trying to donate blood to CSL Plasma Center twice according to News Reports (and the video you'll see below)


Watch This Tear-Jerking News Report with Diane Sawyer:

Here's another example of CSL Plasma discrimination in Minnesota, per a News Report:

Armed with a state ruling in her favor, a transgender woman in Minneapolis contends in a federal lawsuit that a plasma collection ­service discriminated against her when it barred her from donating.

“You people can’t give plasma,” Lisa A. Scott allegedly was told by a CSL Plasma nurse, according to her suit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights investigated the CSL outlet on Washington Avenue SE. and found that the for-profit company discriminated against Scott because of her sexual orientation in 2008 when the nurse told her that she was disqualified.

CSL told state investigators that it has a policy forbidding transsexuals from donating plasma, even though “there are no federal laws prohibiting transsexuals from plasma donation,” the state agency’s findings noted.

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