There has been a recent trend that I have noticed throughout our Buffalo Streets and parks. Riding ATV in groups, as seen on some of the Hip Hop and R& B videos, now that's not to say that's where the idea came from, but it seems to be more popular now. According to WGRZ, two Buffalo council members are looking to push legislation, that they say will save lives and keep illegal ATVs off the streets.

Credit: WGRZ,

An amendment was introduced by Filmore District Councilmember Mitch Nowakowski and Lovejoy Councilmember Bryan Bollman to chapter 309 of the Buffalo City Code, which explains the illegality of operating an ATV on city streets or parks, as well as establish new penalties for violations.

We have witnessed a significant increase in ATV Activity on the city streets and parks in our neighborhoods creating an unacceptable threat to public safety that left residents demanding solutions. This amendment aims to provide solutions and tools for authorities to make an impact and decrease the number of  reckless and unlawful vehicles endangering the pedestrians and drivers of the City of Buffalo.

said, Bryan Bollman according to WGRZ,

Credit: WGRZ

The amendment outlines some pretty tuff fines, penalties for illegally operating an ATV will include a fine of up to $2500 and seizure of the vehicle. I actually almost got into an accident with an ATV on Main street in Buffalo, so I feel like something should be done.

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