Just when you thought that watching the Buffalo Bills squish the Miami Dolphins 32 - 29 in Buffalo on Saturday, December 17, 2022, one couple decided to up the ante during the game at Highmark Stadium.

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The rematch between Miami and Buffalo was an absolute nail-biter with both teams going back and forth until the very end. Not only did Bills fans have to deal with the anxiety of the game, but they also had to battle lots of snow in the stadium and some pretty chilly temperatures for the Saturday night game in Orchard Park.

The primetime match-up between the AFC North rivals did not disappoint one bit as the Bills clinched a playoff appearance and helped professional sports in Buffalo do something that had never been done before. However, it seems one of the best things to happen at the game didn't take place on the field of play.

While the Bills were squishing the fish, a couple got engaged in the stands at Highmark Stadium.

Twitter user Sierrah Jordan posted all of the details to her Twitter account right after 9 pm.

The post, which has more than 1,000 likes, goes into detail about how much it took to get to the game and how it all ended like a fairytale with her getting engaged to her love Samuel.

Members of the Bills Mafia love "love" and seeing this happen at the same time as our Bills knock off a rival and secure a spot in the playoffs for the 4th straight year is just simply amazing. The only thing that may be something to be concerned about is the fact that Samuel is an apparent Dallas Cowboys fan and we may have some serious concerns about his ability to make sound decisions.

Congratulations to Samuel & Sierrah, we wish you all the best and look forward to being invited to the wedding.

Let's go Buffalo!

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