While many Western New Yorkers are seeing a $600 stimulus check people are already asking about a potential third direct payment from the government in 2021.

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President Donald Trump asked for $2,000 payments as the past year came to a close, and while another payment is unlikely during Trump’s term, many people are wondering if President-elect Joe Biden will push for additional stimulus relief when he takes office.

According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV), it appears likely there will be additional discussions about a third stimulus check. The amount is up for debate.

Biden referred to this most recent $600 check as a “down payment” when asked about further payments and is hopeful more relief is on the way.

“Look, that’s a negotiating issue,” Biden said during a news conference before Christmas. “But it will, yes it will.”

Whether the President-Elect can push through another payment may depend on what happens in Georgia on Tuesday (1/5). Two races will determine control of the Senate.

A $2,000 check wasn’t even on the table until an eleventh-hour demand from Trump in an end-of-year spending bill.

The bipartisan compromise had won sweeping approval in the House and Senate after GOP leaders, were assured that Trump supported it.

Trump’s $2,000 proposal received bipartisan support in the form of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In the meantime, $600 checks have been arriving in bank accounts since Monday (1/4).


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