Happy Halloween weekend! The fun is underway from Buffalo to Syracuse to Albany in the Empire State. The cooler air is here and the leaves have fallen. Break out the candy and scary costumes and let's go!

Before the weekend starts, there are some things that the State of New York and local police are reminding us all about. Not only should moms and dads be extra cautious about the candy kids eat and the places they visit this weekend, drivers are being warned about the ghosts and goblins crossing the streets in search of the best treats.

But there is an additional warning for those on the roads this weekend. Typically, Halloween weekend draws many people to bars and parties to celebrate the spooky fun. People can expect to see increased patrols on the roads from today through Tuesday, November 1st. The Stop DWI in NY campaign will be in full force this weekend looking for impaired drivers.

The State Police in New York are always looking for new candidates as well. Here in Western New York, there is a satellite outreach center that doubles as a recruiting station as well.

Have a safe and fun weekend. The Buffalo Bills will be facing the Green Bay Packers this Sunday night in Orchard Park and that will add plenty of additional drivers on the roads most of Sunday afternoon and evening.

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