Here we go again! Another cop is cleared of all charges after killing an unarmed black man. Last week it was Mike Brown, this week, Eric Garner's killer goes free. Details inside.  


Staten Island grand jury has decided not to charge NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo who administered the fatal chokehold that resulted in killing father of 6, Eric Garner who was suspected of selling loose cigarettes.

I thought since the incident had been recorded and since the footage shows "the officer using an illegal chokehold" that Officer Pantaleo would have been charged with criminally negligent homicide, which means he had no intention to kill Garner but his actions lead to Garner's death.

Eric's family has filed notice it plans to sue the city for $75 million on grounds including wrongful death, pre-death pain and suffering, and civil rights violations.

Rest in Peace Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown & Trayvon Martin. #BlackLivesMatter

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