The WNY Women’s Foundation launches ALL IN program, which will be introduced at an April 26 event! Get all the details here!

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The WNY Women’s Foundation is launching a new program addressing the disparity of women in leadership roles throughout the WNY area. The ALL IN initiative will be introduced on Thursday, April 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the Theodore Roosevelt Inauguration Site, 641 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.

University at Buffalo women’s basketball head coach Felisha Legette-Jack will be the keynote speaker at the launch! There will be a networking reception for aspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs, male allies, and WNY employers. The ALL IN program will provide resources for women interested in pursuing leadership positions, and to encourage employers to commit to hiring them. It will also include "a program for businesses interested in improving the working environment for women within their own organizations; an initiative for women entrepreneurs who need assistance launching or growing their businesses; and a pathway for current and emerging female leaders who wish to cultivate leadership skills, including those interested in running for elected office," according to a press release.

“In order for our region to reach its full economic, cultural, and social potential, we must empower women who aspire to lead.” said Sheri Scavone, Executive Director of the WNYWF. “ALL IN provides opportunities for both individuals and organizations to work toward positioning women for leadership roles in business, government, and throughout the community. Our community cannot afford to leave any talent on the table. This program aligns with the mission of the WNY Women’s Foundation because we believe that when women are able to reach their full professional potential, families are healthier, communities are more vibrant, and employers find and retain the talent they need.”

About the WNY Women’s Foundation
"In 1999, the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County and the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo recognized that there was not enough funding or focus on the unique needs of women and girls in our region. Together, with a group of diverse women, they created the WNY Women’s Fund. They defined a shared vision by establishing a modest endowment fund to support programs specifically geared towards women and girls.

An expansive group of leaders and supporters worked tirelessly to grow the WNY Women’s Fund into a self-sustaining, independent organization. Nearly two decades later the WNY Women’s Foundation is a separate 501(c)3, non-profit organization continually expanding efforts to make Western New York a great place for women and girls to live, work, and grow.

Today, the Foundation creates a culture of possibility for women of all ages through advocacy, investments, and strategic initiatives. We strive for short- and long-term impact within each of our strategic focus areas: Affordable, accessible and quality childcare, family sustaining jobs for women, building confidence and resilience in adolescent girls, policies and programs that support working women, equal representation for women in leadership positions." ~ WNY Women's Foundation

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