There are plenty of reasons why Buffalo is an excellent place to call home. As much as we complain about things like the weather, we all know that the 716 is the place to live, work, and raise a family.

Just look at the reasons why the region is so great. We have two great professional sports teams, access to a large body of fresh water, and we get to enjoy all four seasons; of course, we have food, but that almost goes without saying.

We're just stating the obvious here, but did you also realize that Western New York is considered a top location for people to retire? A new survey released by US News and World Reports breaks down the top 150 cities to retire in, and Buffalo has made some huge strides compared to previous years on the list.

Where Are The Top Cities To Retire in America?

Coming through in the top spot of best places to retire is a city I didn't expect: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg received high ratings for the quality of its healthcare and housing affordability. Even more surprising than Harrisburg being in the top spot is that the top five cities on this list are all in Pennsylvania: #1 Harrisburg, PA. #2 Reading, PA. #3 Lancaster, PA. #4 Scranton, PA, and #5 Allentown, PA.

Where Does Buffalo Rank On The List of Tops Cities To Retire To?

One of the most intriguing things about this list is the fact that not only is Buffalo on the list but it's moved up quite a few spots over the last few years.

Buffalo ranks as the 59th best place to retire in America, 40 spots from when it was the 99th best place. Western New York receives pretty good marks for its overall housing affordability, but that's about where the good things stop.

While Buffalo is the 59th best place to retire, it's at the last on the list for cities in New York State. #6 New York City, #21 Rochester, #27 Syracuse, and #47 Albany all rank higher than Buffalo

The one bright side about all of this is that Buffalo still outranks several other big cities in America, including #60 Chicago, #62 Boston, #74 Nashville, and #75 Charlotte.

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