During the first few days of our vacation, there was a lady in our group that had got information about me and what I do at WBLK.

She heard about the Know Thyself Campaign on the station and told Jim Smith (who is from Buffalo and on this tour) that she had come home on the Know Thyself Educational Tour to spread the ashes of her two sons, 17 and 18, who were killed by violence in the street, into the Hapi (a.k.a Nile River).

This mother asked that I film the ceremony and to please put the video up on the station's website because she felt that the information is so important for mothers, fathers and famlies to see and hear.

This was a very emotional and uplifting ceremony, as we all paid tribute and honored those ancestors that have made their transition -- and there could not have been a better place to do that but right here at home!

Hotep Fam!

Chris Reynolds

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