On Friday Chris Brown got kicked out of rehab and taken directly to Jail. He is not getting any special treatment behind bars, or in the courtroom. Find out what the judged sentenced him to and peep what he's wearing!!

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C Breezy appeared in Court wearing an ugly Orange prisoner jumpsuit on Monday after spending the weekend in a LA jail for violating probation and acting up at the rehab facility.

According to TMZ he violated three rules, one of which was specifically tailored for him. And that was to stay at least two feet away from any woman in the rehab facility. The other two violations involve an unauthorized outing as well as mocking therapy in the middle of a session. He was most likely thrown out of his "Anger Management" therapy due to a sexual encounter that he had a with a female at rehab in the beginning of the month.

Due to his “inability to stay out of trouble” the judge sentenced Chris to a little more than 30 days behind bars without bail!! He is set to be released on April 23rd. That is if all goes well on April 17th, when the singer goes to trial for the criminal assault charge that happened in Washington, D.C., last October.

His sixth studio album, ‘X,’ arrives May 5. Hopefully he will be out of jail by then and on his best behavior!

Good Luck Chris!

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