After College Night was abolished on the Chippewa Strip, underage party goers (and their money) have been sorely missed! Now bar owners are fighting back with a lawsuit against the city's lawmakers who enacted the bar-ban.

Facebook: IRockiParty
Facebook: IRockiParty

Two Chippewa Entertainment District bar owners have filed a lawsuit challenging Buffalo’s Co-mingling law, preventing adults 18 to 20 years old from patronizing its clubs.

Daniel Valentine, owner of the Lux nightclub, and Adam March, owner of the Bayou nightclub say the ordinance violates the New York State and U.S. constitution by preventing the Chip Strip from serving adults under the age of 21 who want to frequent their establishments for lawful purposes.

“Colin Miller is a 19-year-old adult who has the legal authority to die for his country and vote to elect a president,” according to lawsuit. “Mr. Miller has the constitutional right to enter the premises of the Lux, The Lodge and any other establishment for any lawful purpose, and to freely associate with other adults. He does not seek to consume alcohol or commit any violation of law while at the establishments in question. The [city’s] actions have prevented and continue to prevent Mr. Miller from exercising his constitutional rights.”

The bar owners, who have lost a huge chunk of revenue since the bar ban went into effect, want a judge to stop the city from enforcing the ordinance. They are scheduled to appear before State Supreme Court Justice James H. Dillon on Wednesday (1/30/13).

Defendants of the lawsuit are Mayor Byron W. Brown, Common Council members, Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda, and James Comerford Jr., commissioner of permits and inspections.