Are You Eligible For Infant's Tylenol Money???
It seems Johnson & Johnson where caught with their hands in the "cookie jar", and they may have to pay out due to misleading information on their Infant's Tylenol packaging.
If you bought infant's Tylenol in the last five years you could possible receive a portion of multi million doll…
Robin Thicke & Pharrell Lose “Blurred Lines” Lawsuit
Remember the 2013 hit Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I? Since the release of the song, Robin and Pharrell have been fight the family of the late singer Marvin Gaye.  The family claimed that the song was too similar too the Marvin Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got to Give…
P.A.'s FORCED....
I know a lot of us glamorize the movie business. However the reality is it is one of the hardest business to get into and people sacrifice a lot to help put these movies together. In most times with less than favorable working conditions.
50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy
Rapper 50 Cent declares bankruptcy after losing a multi million dollar lawsuit. He officially filed the documents today, which comes three days after Rick Ross baby mother Lavonia Leviston won a $5 million dollar jury verdict against him.
The Game Gets Sued
The Game is being sued for that punch he threw last month during a basketball game ... a punch the victim says may have screwed up his brain.
According to a lawsuit filed Monday, Onyebuchi Awaji -- an off-duty rookie cop -- claims he did nothing to instigate the March 29th fight with Game...
Remembering Marvin Gaye [VIDEO]
On April 1, 1984 legendary Motown Singer Marvin Gaye was killed by his own father. Today we celebrates his life, legacy and multi-million dollar lawsuit that was awarded in favor of his offspring.

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