If you have been under a rock for the last two days, Kendrick Lamar released a verse on a Big Sean song where he calls out a lot of rappers in Hip Hop saying that he is better than them and will murder them (lyrically of course).  Some rappers were feeling left out  of the mix because Kendrick Lamar didn't mention their name including lyrically challenged  Chicago "Rapper" Chief Keef.

The reason why Chief Keef is not appreciating the new interest in rappers being able to actually rap, is probably because he can't.  People appreciating actual lyrical content has probably been Chief Keef's fear since he entered into Hip Hop last year.

I hope his 15 minutes of fame is up.  I've tried to give this kid a million passes.  He obviously loves being stupid and loves promoting stupidity to the stupid people who listen to his music.  Chief Keef was probably that dumb kid who tried to clown other people for learning at school.   Welcome Chief Keef to the BIG DUMMY FILES.

Here is the letter Chief Keef penned to Kendrick Lamar LOL NSFW

Instead of hating Chief Keef why don't you go read a book and figure out how to step your rap game up.  Here is my first suggestion for you.