The man Chief Keef would be just another Chicago rapper had Kanye West not jumped on his song "I Don't Like". Even when Chris Brown and Game remade the song to diss Drake, I still didn't know about Chief.

So why this lil dude feel the need to diss the vets in the game before his career even gets started? Check out how he goes in about Lil Wayne in the leaked video inside.

Chicago rap newcomer Chief Keef has reportedly revealed his personal thoughts on Young Money's Lil Wayne in a newly leaked 34-second viral clip currently circulating online. The footage shows what appears to be Chief Keef giving his uncensored opinion on Weezy F. Baby calling him a Homo Mo-Fo. Drumming up rumors that Lil Wayne is gay.

This all comes a couple weeks after the 17 year-old sent out a controversial tweet which name-dropped Kanye West.

This tweet has since been deleted from his twitter account. Maybe he realized that dogging these artists can actually hurt his career.